Make sure that your laptop scarecrow fortnite

As mentioned, the 0xC00007B error indicates that your scarecrow fortnite system desires a selected file to run Associate in Nursing application, however does not have it.

The error isn’t specific to Fortnite; it will show for a range of applications, and could be a Windows error.

It will usually show with the subsequent message:

The application was unable to begin properly (0xC00007B). Click okay to shut the applying.

The biggest issue with this error particularly is that the lack of rationalization scarecrow fortnite of what truly lead it to indicate. several different errors justify the file or setting that caused the exception, not this.

To solve the matter, you have got to either pinpoint the matter, or work on variety of potential fixes within the hope that one can resolve it.


As mentioned, the error includes a myriad of causes. However, to induce the answer – you wish to create certain you have got the suitable dependencies put in & accessible on your system.

In the case of Fortnite, the likes of DirectX, Unreal Engine, Visual C++ and.NET square measure all needed to make sure the sport will truly run. Thus, the primary scarecrow fortnite port of decision is to create certain they’re properly put in.

To do this, you wish to follow these steps:

1. modification Fortnite Application Settings

The first step is sort of straightforward – modification its application settings to make sure that it will run properly in Windows.

To do this, you wish to be ready to find the “Binaries” for the sport, that is archived scarecrow fortnite with the subsequent steps:

  • Press “Windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard
  • Type “explorer” into the box and press “OK”
  • Browse to the following: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64
  • Right-click onto “FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe” and choose “Properties”
  • From the tabs at the highest of the screen, choose “Compatibility”
  • At very cheap of the window, check “Disable fullscreen optimisations”
  • Check “Run this program as administrator”
  • Click “OK”

After doing this, attempt running scarecrow fortnite the sport once more. If the error persists (which it probably will), you will need to progress with the subsequent steps.

2. “Verify” Fortnite

If the on top of does not work, you’ll got to “verify” the Fortnite installation.

To do this, you have got to load the Epic Games launcher application and run the verification method. If you cannot open the launcher, you will need to skip to successive step.

Browse to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame (or where your Fortnite game is installed)

  • Locate the Win64\Binaries folder + delete it
  • Click onto your desktop > click onto the “Epic Games Launcher” icon
  • When the launcher masses, click onto the “Fortnite” tab
  • On the “Launch” (green) button, choose the cog
  • From the list that seems, choose “Verify”

This will take a while, however scarecrow fortnite can basically re-install the Fortnite executables so the sport will perform once more

After this method completes, restart your system and take a look at the sport once more

The chances are that this may not permit the sport to run properly once more. the matter with the sport probably comes from a broken, faulty or incompatible dependency on Windows.

3. Re-Install the sport

This is quite forceful, however if you have got the patience scarecrow fortnite to try and do it – ought to make sure that the difficulty is resolved.

To do it, you wish to follow these steps:

In Windows seven, click onto “Start” > “Control Panel” > “Add/Remove Programs”

In Windows ten, right-click onto the “Start” button > choose “Apps and Features”

From the list, choose “Fortnite” in addition because the “Epic Games Launcher”

Uninstall each

After the uninstall method completes, restart your system

Download a brand new version of Fortnite from the Epic Games web site

Install it contemporary on your system

This should make sure that your laptop scarecrow fortnite to read the varied files etc that the sport needs (IE make sure that the error isn’t with the sport itself, rather Windows).

4. Re-Install Visual C++

The next step is to re-install the Visual C++ redistributable packages that exist to assist Windows run numerous applications.

VC++ could be acknowledged to several individuals, however is really quite vital tool for several completely different apps. several need it to run – and it should be the case that a number of its files square measure either corrupted, broken or simply scarecrow fortnite not written properly.

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